Monsoon vents are wind powered turbine ventilators used to expel accumulated heat, smoke, fumes, odour and dust ensuring a healthy environment in homes, industries, machines rooms, hotels, kitchen, warehouses, auditoriums, churches etc.


This is a combination of both natural and fumed ventilation system. It functions as a natural ventilator when there is difference in thermal or wind pressure between the inside and outside of the building which forces the air to move through the opening of the ventilator – MONSOON VENT– Air conditioning load is increased by thermal storage effect associated with the attic air space between ceiling and roof even where the ceiling if fitted.

Activities in the building generate heat and hot air being lighter moves upwards. The lighter air gets accumulated in the turbine of the monsoon vent. Undesirable air trapped in this space circulates very slowly thus creating an OVEN EFFECT to the space below. When the ventilator blades rotates the turbine, it gives rise to the centrifugal force and creats a vaccum inside the turbine.

The partial vaccuum is replaced by strong upward forceful movement of the wind. As the MONSOON VENTS circulates, they expels this trapped undesirable air and maintains a continuous air flow with fresh air entering through the windows and door opening. This action reduces need for running EXPENSIVE AIR –CONDITIONING AND ELECTIC FANS


1. Provide uniform distribution of natural daylight during daytime thus reducing lighting load.

2. It is lightweight and hence saves the structural cost and erection cost of safety Frames

3. It is Durable & fire retardant.

4. Protection from corrosion, leakages, rust and prevents warping.


1. Low cost in purchase, installation and maintenance.

2. Their operation is environment friendly.

3. They exhaust hot air by stack effect even when there is no wind.

4. No operation cost as it works on free wind energy

5. Easy and quick installation on any roof profile

6. Globally accepted technology

7. Dynamically balanced for frictionless rotation at Lowest and High wind velocity

8. Lightweight, Strong and Durable for resistance against extreme external and internal climate conditions

9. Have double blade ( Ribs and blades) to accelerate air conditioning

10. Inter Fan Blade System: 6 Aluminum Blades with grooves to deflect water and dust

11. Enhances the architectural and aesthetic appearance of the building

12. Dual benefit of natural ventilation and natural daylight

13. Monsoon vents provide natural light during day time thus reducing lighting load.

14. Monsoon vent -Under Closure – is used to provide aesthetic appearance of the inner roofing profile after installation, Under Closure fitted on Insulation paper.

15. Monsoon vent with Inter Fan System mounted in:

1) 600mm diameter.

2) 500mm diameter vent.